Where are the sources of ZAGORI natural mineral water?

CHITOS S.A. has two privately owned recognized sources of ZAGORI natural mineral water, at the foothills of the Zagorochoria mountain range.

How is the bottling of ZAGORI natural mineral water done?

Bottling takes place at the source. The water travels through the underground rocks of North Pindos mountain range in the region of Zagorochoria, far away from any kind of human activity or contact with the air. It enters the inside of the bottle, fills it and is immediately sealed with the cap. Each bottle is produced in just 3 seconds and contains the pure product of nature, without any processing or additives.

What is ZAGORI natural mineral water?

It is water naturally enriched with minerals and nutrients, from a protected underground source, pure, far away from any kind of human activity. It is beneficial for health as it contains a unique natural composition, which remains unchanged from the source to the final consumer. The ZAGORI natural mineral water has a distinctive taste due to the geological composition of the soil and the natural environment from which it comes. It is officially recognized by the relevant Community and national authorities that its production meets the highest quality standards under legislation to ensure its natural origin and purity. Bottled directly from the source.

The faithful implementation of certified quality management systems, contribute to ensure compliance with the safety and purity requirements of the final products of ZAGORI bottled natural mineral water, in a way that guarantees the naturalness and purity of the water at the source, will be transferred unchanged to the consumer, so that he/she will constantly have the experience and the feeling of drinking water directly from the source.

What is the pH of the ZAGORI Natural Mineral Water?

The pH of ZAGORI Natural Mineral Water is 7.8.